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Exquisite geography. Warm climate. Affordable cost of living. Relaxed lifestyle. With all of these attributes, it’s not surprising that Mexico has become a widely popular destination for Americans looking to relocate, retire or simply purchase a second home. Fortunately, Mexico’s real estate ownership laws have never been more welcoming to foreigners. Yet there are still a number of differences between buying real estate in Mexico and buying real estate in the United States. Let us help you through the entire process.


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Mexico Loan Services

Through our new division, Ferarri Financial Mexico, we’re leading the way for American citizens seeking ownership within Mexico. Our unparalleled expertise at navigating through the many steps of purchasing property in Mexico makes for a smooth, stress-free transaction every step of the way. With services including financing existing properties, prequalifying buyers and asset management, we’re helping our clients maximize their Mexico real estate investments so they can best achieve their goals.

Construction & Development Loan Programs

Financing Programs
  • Construction Financing
  • Developer Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Pre-Development Financing


  • Dollar Denominated Loans

Eligible Borrowers
  • US or Mexican National Corporations

  • US Citizens

Geographic Regions
  • Resort Communities of Mainland Mexico and Northern and Southern Baja California
  • "Prohibited Zone" Properties (100 km along all borders, 50k along all coastlines, all of Baja California) permissible with enactment of Trust, which will be administered by the investor


Property Types
  • Residential Master Planned Communities
  • Condos, High-Rise Condos, Condo-Tel
  • SFR, Townhomes

Best Practices

Mexico Property Ownership Tips for Buyers and Investors

  • First, be sure to work with a real estate professional with a solid reputation, experience and longevity in the area. Mexican real estate agents are not licensed like those in the United States; therefore, they have no legal obligation to disclose possible problems with the property.
  • When purchasing property from a developer, research the developer's history in Mexico.
  • Ask if title insurance is available and, if so, make sure it is with a reputable title insurance company. Without title insurance, banks will not lend money to foreign investors.
  • Verify that the developer places deposits in escrow or takes out a construction bond to protect purchasers, and always ask for banking references.
  • Under the Mexican Constitution, foreigners are not permitted to directly own property in the Restricted Zone, 100 kilometers along all natural borders of Mexico and 50 kilometers (31 miles) along Mexico's coastlines. As a result, oceanfront buyers must obtain a bank trust, or "fideicomiso," for the property in order to hold title as the beneficiary of the trust and to be granted rights of ownership (e.g., possession, right to construct and to tear down, to rent or to sell) in a 50-year renewable trust.
  • All home purchases in Mexico are to be finalized through "notarios publicos" (Mexican lawyers) who have the exclusive right to "sign off" on every real estate transaction. Beware that closing escrow in Mexico could take longer than buying property in the U.S.
  • The boom in Mexican real estate has opened the doors for U.S. institutions willing to lend money to investors for mortgages in Mexico, including Ferarri Financial Mexico.



Before you purchase property in Mexico, it's important that you understand the buying process, as well the different strategies you can use to maximize your investment. We've provided these downloadable hand-outs to help answer your questions and better familiarize you with all of the steps. Click each title to download a PDF of the article.

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