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One of the best opportunities to enjoy the wonderful offering of Laguna Shores, is in our condominiums. We have a wide selection of brilliantly designed floor plans to choose from. You’ll find all the comforts of home, too, where your friends and family can truly enjoy your time south of border.

As a master-planned development, Laguna Shores offers many options in real estate including incredible home lots. These lots can be purchased to build a home or simply retain the land as an investment. Financing options are available directly from Laguna Shores. Contact us today for more information.

There are many lots available today, and we’re also releasing new lots every few months. To see a current list of available lots, please click the link below. For more information about lot prices, home prices or lot sizes, please.

Download.pdf of available lots.

At Laguna Shores, we’re pleased to be able to offer fractional ownership in beautiful fully furnished ocean front condominiums, available in 2 and 3 bedroom models. This is a great way to start your portfolio of vacation home ownership. You can possess all the benefits of ownership and the ability to exchange to other beautiful resorts, as well as exotic cruises. Additionally, we are offering golf privileges with each co-fractional ownership purchase.

Through our affiliate network and equity share program, we will literally take care of all your family's vacation needs including your ownership position in beach front real estate.

Contact us today to find out more or purchase your co-fractional property at Laguna Shores.

What is Co-Fractional Ownership?

The perfect personal hideaway is still a part of the American Dream and with it comes increased interest and demand for second homes in vacation destinations. Ownership of second homes and vacation properties are up, as more and more buyers become aware of the enjoyment and investment opportunities. Equally important is an even greater increase in sales for fractional interest in vacation properties.

Fractional programs allow individuals to purchase a deeded share in a fully furnished, up-scale home or condo, typically located on golf courses or beach-front property. In essence, fractional ownership makes a high-end residence affordable for the comfortably middle-class population.

The concept began a decade ago, and until recently, was often confused with its far distant cousin, the time-share. Unlike time-share owners, who essentially buy the right to visit a place for a length of time, fractional owners purchase a deeded interest in a vacation property. They are joint owners in common, free to buy and sell their interest, rent it, will it, donate it to charity, and above all use it.

Efficiency is the key to the concept's success. Despite the popularity of second-home ownership, most people only visit their vacation property a few weeks out of the year. Fractional ownership maximizes the use of the property and minimizes maintenance by dividing it among the owners. Additionally, every owner is assured peak season time at his or her property. Open dates are also made available to each owner as well.

Fractional owners have proven to be very pleased. A study conducted by Ragatz Associates, an international market research firm specializing in the resort industry, reported a 92.7% satisfaction rate among current fractional owners. They experience reduced stress in their ownership, and benefit from the investment as an equity property. This hassle-free approach to owning resort property means more time to enjoy the vacation at a fantastic personal getaway.

This incredible 7000 square foot custom home sits just a few feet from the beach, and will be completed by Summer 2007.


At Laguna Shores you have the opportunity to purchase a home lot of your choice to build any type of custom home you desire. Our management is happy to assist you in building your custom home, and can even work as your builder. You’ll have the option to plan the building of your home with our architects, who are familiar with the area, including the terrain and climate.

Please contact us for more information about building a custom home, or visit Available Lots in the Available Properties section of the website, to select a location for your custom home.


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